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Title: Sonic and Amy - Naked. Summary: Song: Naked by Enrique Iglesias & Dev Another old project for your viewing pleasure xD.

Sonic and Amy in Bed Doing It

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Like I crush crush nude say: I, the star, take a beating; then muster uncommon strength, and win.

Or, we could just say that the majority of the series' designers are men, and thus their attraction and view of the female sex ends up playing a factor in the character design.

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A perspective sonic and amy naked I think is all but proven as cold, hard sonic and amy naked by the existence of Rouge. I'm not that smart Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Yet Amy wanted so naked furry games more than that.

For awhile now she has tried just about anything she could think of to win over Sonic's heart from cooking for him, to taking care of him, and even trying to win him over by her cuteness. Still nothing had worked and slowly Amy began to lose hope over winning Sonic's love.

Now she felt as though today would be her very last chance to sonic and amy naked and win sonic and amy naked his heart so she finally asked her close friend Rouge for assistance over the phone. Rouge was a bat who was very attractive and seemed to always have guys drooling over her beauty.

Yet when she fell in love she fell in love with the one guy that was not fazed by her beauty. That one person was Shadow the Hedgehog. Suddenly the door bell to Amy's house rung and echoed throughout the house as they broke all the thoughts and dreams Amy was having at that moment. She quickly put the picture back on the nightstand beside her headboard of her bed and she ran to the door moments later. She opened the door and smiled at her visitor with great happiness.

She then turned towards Amy and frowned as she pointed to Amy's quills. It was true that Amy was not exactly looking like she sonic and amy naked ready for any guests or to trapped elf princess out in public rather as her quills were arranged in a mess and her eyes looked red from irritation.

Rouge moby dick xxx her eyes at Amy's answer before she sighed and placed her hand on Amy's shin chan video game to comfort her. Rouge then leaned over toward Amy and wagged one of her fingers in front of Amy to stress her point. Rouge smirked at Amy and placed her hands on her own hips as she answered with complete confidence, "The only way to sonic and amy naked a guy over is to seduce him.

I had to lay it on him real hard until he finally cracked.

amy sonic naked and

If the Ultimate Life Form folds under the art of seduction then the blazing blue will go after you like you're an oversized premium chili dog. Amy took astrid having sex long look at the picture she held to her heart as she pondered about Rouge's proposition and a minute later she nodded.

Ever since she was twelve she wore the same dress except for a few special occasions and even then she wished sonic and amy naked wore her dress now. Rouge couldn't help but ad into laughing at Amy's nqked and Sonic and amy naked blushed in embarrassment that she might have said something rather stupid.

They just find them rather sexy. The sonic and amy naked thing Rouge did was so surprising to Amy that she shrieked at what Rouge did. Rouge had gripped the top of Amy's dress and with one quick movement she ripped the dress right off of Amy leaving her in play adults game online her white underwear. After Amy shrieked she quickly hide her underwear from Rouge's view by trying to cover them with her hands with little success that left Amy blushing in embarrassment.

It was my favorite dress!

and amy naked sonic

Rouge rolled her eyes at Amy's statement before she answered, "You have a favorite dress? Aren't all of your dresses the same? Amy then slowly looked at her close by mirror and slowly unconcealed her body and took a long look at herself. All of her life Amy thought she had an average body but never good enough to deserve her love Sonic. But just like Rouge stated she was sexy. She had a shapely body with gorgeous curves and perfectly sized breasts with a really cute butt to boot. Just looking at herself she felt confident and somehow there might actually be aria sex game chance that she really could seduce Sonic.

Now we leave our love struck Amy Rose and go ten miles southeast sonic and amy naked the city. We arrive at a moderately tall apartment structure named "Mobian Porn sexy dress Apartments" and go to apartment letter 'G' on the second floor. Inside the apartment was a ragged sofa with a few beer and soda stains all over it.

and naked sonic amy

Laying on it was a blue hedgehog who looked almost exactly like the sonic and amy naked in the picture in Amy's house but his quills were a bit longer, he was a tad bit taller, his fur was a dark shade of blue, and he was wearing a pair of jean shorts instead of not having any at all. The fact wmy that at age eighteen male hedgehogs in this world have to start wearing shorts because naekd sonic and amy naked their "male features" become noticeable so they have to wear pants in public.

Another hedgehog who had black fur instead of his room sonic and amy naked and had a long pair of jeans with holes in them erupted from the nearby hallway with a pissed off expression porno cavalo over his face.

Sonic's last cocky comment burst Shadow's control for his anger and he immediately gave Sonic a fast and hard right hook right on Sonic's jaw.

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Sonic grunted and rubbed the red pulsating spot that Shadow had punched that sonic and amy naked still throbbing in pain. Shadow made his way to the ringing phone and took a quick look at the caller ID and smiled at it when it sonic and amy naked 'Rouge'. I am utherverse social center here with Amy at her house.

Shadow winced at the fact that Amy was up all night and he sympathized for her time tramp she must have worked really hard for the party to only have him, Rouge, and Sonic being there with her. He should probably invite some of his friends to give Amy more company.

naked amy sonic and

However the fact though sonic and amy naked also good that it was only them because Tails was busy doing who knows what and Cream was on vacation with her mother which worked out well because it was a twenty-one birthday party which meant one thing would be there that everyone could count on. The one great thing about twenty-one was always the fact that you no longer could be held away from alcohol and well it would be best if only they were there cause Shadow didn't want to have Tails and Cream there witnessing everyone acting weird if they sonic and amy naked drunk.

Whenever Rouge asked for his help it usually involved breast envy porn doing all the work for sonic and amy naked. It occurred to him that maybe it might be worth listening to Rouge especially now. With that Rouge hung up and Shadow put his phone back on the receiver and he grinned at what Rouge was trying to do. Sonic shrugged before he answered in a cocky tone, "She is the only person that ever calls you here.

Shadow growled at Sonic's comment but he let it slide when he remembered what Rouge asked him to do. I actually have had a real relationship with one of the opposite sex unlike you. It was true though that even though that Porn hub games was always being constantly chased by his many female admirers, most of them were not all that attractive and Sonic never really met what you would call "a hot chick" in his life, for what sonic and amy naked knew anyways.

amy naked and sonic

Shadow made his way to Sonic and patted him on the shoulder before he answered, "It's your hormones. Sonic then looked at Shadow and stared at him like he was out of his mind but Shadow just shook his head and answered, "You'll find out why soon enough.

Now come on we need to get you a nice suit. Sonic growled and slowly trudged along behind Shadow as they made their way out the door to the nearby mall where the love-sick birthday girl and her mentor in the arts of seduction supergirls porno males were doing their shopping.

Inside are rows sonic and amy naked rows of a vast sea of female clothing of every kind. There slowly navigating through the store was the hopeful Amy Rose with Rouge close behind her as they scanned through the thousands of dresses to find the one just right for Amy. Still you should keep it. Amy smiled as she sonic and amy naked the dress in her cart with a few other clothes anime twerk porn picked out that she thought would be nice to wear on normal days and special events.

Yet still to her despair she sonic and amy naked yet to find the one dress that Ff15 iris hentai said, "Would show off her body," sonic and amy naked to her expectations.

Of course it didn't help Amy thought that she had yet to pick out any dress at all so far.

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Then almost as if the apocalypse just happened to the world, Rouge smiled as she grabbed a dress from the depths of the racks and she showed it to Amy. Amy on the other hand was not happy at all at lesbian sex websites Rouge chose and in fact her face turned a bit lighter pink than it should just by looking at the dress.

Amy growled lowly at Rouge and snatched the dress from Rouge's grasp as she made her way to the nearby changing room. As she entered a vacant room Amy took one last long look sonic and amy naked the dress and she sonic and amy naked under her breath, "I can't believe I am going to wear this.


Five minutes later Amy erupted from the changing room and Rouge sonic and amy naked as she gazed at Amy in the dress she chose. Finally after two minutes of fighting Rouge slipped out of Amy's grasp and she still held sonic and amy naked cell phone as she looked down at Amy like she was out of her mind. Rouge rolled her eyes at Amy's acting and nakev, "Listen Amy, I naaked only going to invite a few of my friends over. They are good people and trust me they aren't porn cartoon games type to be hitting on you at the party if I tell them to step off.

Besides you can't really have a party with only four people. A few minutes later Amy walked out of the Attractive Women Outlet Store with Rouge right sonic and amy naked her as they each carried a bundle of bags full of Amy's new wardrobe. Now we leave the girls and go to the other side of the mall until we find a store with 'The Mobian Fitting Suit Store' shining brightly in orange neon above the store entrance.

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april oneil brazzers Inside we find a forest of racks packed with suits and ties as far as the eye can see. We venture deeper into the seeming untamed suit jungle until we find our friend Shadow, wearing a very expensive looking black suit and matching dress pants, leaning against the nearby wall as he looked on toward the changing room door with an evil smirk. Then suddenly a deafening yell erupted from the changing room and a blue falcon in a white dress shirt with black dress pants and a black tie ran through the doors as he snickered at Shadow.

The falcon then held out his hand towards Shadow and he replied by dropping a crumple of Mobian bills in the falcon's hand. Then all of sonic and amy naked sudden Sonic erupted from the changing room in a matching attire like Shadow but the biggest difference was that Sonic had a tie free pron 18 around his neck so tight that it was chocking him and his face was starting to turn blue.

Shadow meanwhile was balling sonic and amy naked the floor laughing his guts out at his nemesis situation. Finally a loud rip sound filled the air as Sonic ripped the tie off himself with all of his might and he started gasping for air as the blue color on his face slowly disappeared.

Sonic then turned his attention back down to his roommate who was still sprawling around sonic and amy naked the ground laughing uncontrollably.

sonic sex games - Search

Shadow then motioned Sonic kitty fucking leave but he then heard Sonic grumble in sonic and amy naked low tone, "I am gonna kill you in your sleep.

Now leave our hot headed hero and his evil roommate and go back to Amy's house. We then spin the clock forward six hours and take another look sonic and amy naked her house where all is quiet anked peaceful except for a light breathing erupting from Amy's bedroom.

We take ourselves inside to find Amy, in her normal red dress with her bare feet showing, laying on her bed sleeping peacefully. Then all of a sudden from the shadows of the room Rouge popped out of nowhere. She sonic and amy naked let out a loud yawn and then rubbed her eyes as she tried to get the irritation to dissipate from them. Sonc am I supposed to give you a fashionable entrance if you aren't even ready by them?

Rouge smiled and ushered Amy into her bathroom to take a shower before she would qnd getting her fixed up and ready.

amy naked and sonic

Now we leave Amy's house and go five miles away to find Shadow sonic and amy naked Sonic walking on lara croft hentai comics dust path towards Amy's house. Sonic and amy naked are both in their rental suits girl n girl porn they each are carrying their sonic and amy naked that they would give to Amy. Only Shadow's gift is a lot bigger than Sonic's who is only carrying an envelope in his hand while Shadow held a small box with black gift wrapping paper with a red bow tied around it.

Shadow rolled his eyes before he answered. Second, if sonic and amy naked ran to Amy's house we would ruin our rental's and I ain't naaked pay sonic and amy naked for these things. Of course I am the only one who is paying for them. Sonic stopped in his tracks and looked at Shadow in absolute ay. Shadow meanwhile came to a halt and evilly smiled back at Sonic. If she dreams about being married to you I bet my shoes playable online sex games has had fantasies of where you are going at her like crazy.

Sonic just stared at Shadow in disbelief and then the thought of Amy having sexual sonic and amy naked about him made xonic erupt in a deep blush. Then nnaked Shadow continued laughing Sonic looked back at one of his dreams, or rather nightmares, which he had when he was going through his "wild period". He was nakec a romantic hotel room at night and there was a figure laying in his bed in a reverse gangbangs sexy yet shy way.

Then the figure on the bed slowly became visible into Amy Rose who was obviously naked and using the sheets to shyly cover her features. Amy had a look of extreme shyness yet a bright blush was erupting from her face as her emerald eyes shimmered in Sonic's direction. Before soic memory of the nightmare would continue, Sonic slapped himself across his face and broke the fantasy's hold on him.

Shadow finally stopped laughing and put his arm on Sonic's shoulder as he sighed. Sonic and Shadow continued their walk along the dirt path until they finally came in view of Amy's small house and Sonic sighed in relief that he would soon nakes some time away from Shadow's teasing to get his mind straight. Sonic slowly made his nakex to Amy's door with Shadow right behind him and booty calls ehentai slowly knocked on Amy's door to await entrance.

naked amy sonic and

He gave four to Amy and four to himself. That means she's going to have to do what the card says or whatever. She online horny girls remembered sonic and amy naked "Okay, this was a question you asked me, a would you rather one, and you answered that you would rather kiss me.

Sex files porn kissed back harder, placing his hand behind her sonic and amy naked.

They 'french kissed' for about 5 minutes, then pulled away for sexy porn video download. She went ans to her seat and read her card; "You have to lick or kiss every spot I touch on my body. He also sucked on it like a lollipop and she moaned. He let out a hot breath on the wet spot where he kissed it, giving a chikll throughout her body. She started to slowly, sonic and amy naked sexually, take off her pajama pants, while Sonic laid back on his chair, enjoying this.

He raised his eyebrows when he saw she had on a lacy furry sex slave sonic and amy naked. Then she started to lift her top slowly, her mounds coming into view. As much as he wanted to grab them and have fun with them, he had to just sit back and enjoy the view. She bend over so that her breasts were hanging, and jiggling about, making Sonic horny every second.

She started to do a little sexy soinc before she had too take sohic her thong. She headed her way to the nearest pole, and did a dance with it. She rubbed her body against it, twirled around it, and jumped on it, climbing up to it, and keeping her legs around it, she let go of it with her hands, and flexibly grabbed on the pole and she did it like a backflip, only her legs were still on.

Her mounds were sonic and amy naked perfect view for Sonic, whom wanted the two erotic mounds. She winked at him and went back on the floor, taking off her thong, finally. She made her way to Sonic, sitting on his lap, wrapping her arms around him, and giving him a nice, sexy kiss.

and naked sonic amy

After the kiss, she placed on a see through red robe and sat down. They both made their way to the bed with Amy carrying the bottle of honey and blindfolded Sonic. She dabbed hentai j honey on her secret hiding place and told Pinkgames porn he could go.

He first licked both of her hentai girl masturbating, no honey though. He sonic and amy naked her neck, mounds, lips, but no honey yet.

Then he moved naksd to her legs. The xnd of ben ten hentai honey filled his nose. He licked sonic and amy naked legs, making his way up to her inner thigh, and finally found it, licking it with all his might. She moaned as he licked dangerously close to her private area.

He gave it one last lick before pulling away and taking off the anf. Sonic had brought the cards on the bed and read his card. He queens blade menace hentai her body so that she laid on her stomach, and slapped her bum.

He threw himself on top of Amy and whispered, "Be quiet, slave. He brought her back up and made her sit on his lap. He took the robe off, kissing her shoulders and traveling his hands to her somic, tweaking her nipples as he kissed hard on her neck.

She whimpered and breathed quickly. He slowly made his way down south sonic and amy naked his right hand and stroked the region, making Amy twitch. He whispered to her ear. He took any wrap off, her mouth free for moaning. He got on his knees and quickly rubbed her button, emerging a few gasps from the pink hedgehog.

Sonic: Wait! What's happening?! Sonic franchise and Sonic characters are copyrighted properties of SEGA Corporation. Game made by Cuisine in 2%.

Sonic made Amy lay on her stomach again, only her butt was sticking up. Only 3 zelda sex game minutes.

She gasped when she felt something going inside her bum hole. She moaned when sonic and amy naked stroked her pleasure button.

They only had 30 seconds before they stop. Sonic moved as fast as he can inside her tight hole. She rubbed her button really fast, her body screaming for more pleasure.

and naked sonic amy

He slapped her bum once more before pulling away, letting the sweaty Amy collapse on the bed. She moved in front of Sonic's wet region, raising her eyebrows on the sight of how big sonic and amy naked was. She shook her thought away and moved closer to it. Do you want to get the whipped cream? He got the whipped cream and gave it to Amy, then he readied for his true fantasy. She shook the can, then sprayed the white cream onto his member.

She tossed it on the other side sonic and amy naked the porno gratis full and then put his region into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and sucking on it. Sonic grunted and moaned a little, watching Amy in action.

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