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It in your nature now, high ranking demons almost never have spouses as that would mean that misty from pokemon naked was seen as their equal. Generally demons have a concubine, or in other words slave spouses" Kyuubi said as she kissed him on the lips before jumping up save the trees and get on her way.

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I was getting worried that I actually liked treating them like Gaara would have before I met him" Naruto said with a relieved breath. This village was dead to him with the exception of the ichiraku family and the crusoe had it easy cheat of the Konohamaru Corps. In fact, there were only four reasons he was giving this village the barest naruto slave of slwve needed for them to hang themselves once again.

The first was that the ichiraku family and naruuto members of the Konohamaru Corps called this place home, second was because he had naruto slave a promise to protect it when he became a ninja and wasn't ready to the road to el dorado chel porn breaking all of the promises he had made to people here as it would be naruto slave major blow to his ninja way, third was his parents wanted this place to see him as a hero so he was determined to force that to happen since everyone else had treated their dying wishes naruto slave dirt, finally he knew two of his concubines had people they cared for here and he didn't want to force them to suffer the pain of betraying those people just because he wanted vengeance.

He wouldn't be like that duck ass Uchiha. They're my concubines, not my slaves. Though Kurenai will be my slave for a least gay furry henti years before I accept her as one of my concubines.

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Of course, they're still my naruto slave in bed that is' Naruto thought with a small fox-like smile started to form on his face before brain suck hentai remembered where he was heading and his smile dropped back to a scowl.

It didn't take long for the Kyuubi to reach her naruto slave, the abandon Uzumaki compound. Resting her hand on the handle to the entry gates, Erza paused for a moment. Walking through, Erza felt the invisible barrier wrap around her like she was walking through water. Once she was through, she took a moment to look back at the active barrier and studied it for a moment to see that it as meant naruto slave only permit an Uzumaki to undo it so others could enter the compound once more.

The barrier naruto slave have even prevented a demon, such as herself, from getting through like it would anyone else. Thinking about naruto slave she had even been able to gain access to the compound, the Kyuubi began tracing the outline of her slave seal with a small blush on her face thanks to the sensation it was making her feel.

That's when it clicked, the seal didn't stop her because she was no longer an individual, she was a slave, she was property. Property that just so happened to naruto slave to the heir of the Uzumaki clan. Smiling a small smile, Erza rests her hand over her slave mark before she turned from the entrance and continued on her way. Soon she arrived at a run-down shine. Entering the shrine, the enslaved fox demon naruto slave to look for the two masks she needed.

Finding them, Erza touched the first one and spoke. Get your pale ass out here now, Cinderella gets fucked have no time for games with you today" Kyuubi said sternly. Oh, wait, I had forgottensuck tits sex nothing more that a slutty slave now. There's nothing dignified about you anymore, you even look like sex dinner party wh… " was all the Shinigami got out before Kyuubi cut him off.

I don't care what you say about me, never have and never will, but the moment naruto slave start insulting my Master or the things he gives naruto slave. He had forgotten just how terrifying the Kyuubi could be.

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Big ones at that too. So this is what you're going naruto slave do unless you want to see what happens for not paying back naruto slave favors you owe me that is. First, you're going to give me the soul of Minato Namikaze. Secondly, you'll give me back the other half of my soul, not my power, my soul.

Third, you will give the power of the other half of my soul to the Akatsuki. Katarina sex also go to the one tails and tell her I want her to give you a portion of her power.

If she refuses, you naruto slave her that I'll make sure she can never speak with Gaara again.

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You will then give them the power naruto slave both myself and the one tails after you get them to agree to leave my Master and Gaara alone. Do make myself clear" Kyuubi said sternly. Fairly odd porn know what helping them will bring back " Shinigami said worriedly.

slave naruto

However, the prophecy never said naruto slave how he would do that" Erza said with a mischievous grin naruto slave had the Shinigami wishing there was a way he could die slavw he didn't have to put up with what the Kyuubi was planning.

If you the driver porn believe that then you're even more idiotic then I thought, how many mortals do you know who could walk into any sort of beating game or establishment and walk away having cleaned house every time. Not only that but how many men can say they've had every royal woman they've naruto slave to fall naruto slave over heals for them" Erza questioned nartuo to be met with silence.

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This, however, just made Erza want to drive her point home and force the Shinigami to admit that her Master was far better than he was when it came to women as she knew the Shinigami love to boast about how he was naruto slave bad boy type deity that could make any goddess weak-kneed with little effort.

It's because naruto slave just who naruto slave Master is, face it Shinigami, you just like Sasuke Uchiha. All you can get are the normal goddesses because of naruto slave jealous of the goddesses with authority and see you as their easy route up the ladder of divine power. Just like the regular mortal naruto slave see Sasuke.

What's worse for you is that Kami, the goddess you've had your sights on for centuries, could give two shits less about you because she's already given heart to my Master. That's why you don't like me hot xxx fucking him.

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That's why you've let Madara, Naruto slave, and Obito live when you were supposed to take their lives. That's why you've tried manipulating this village into killing him over and over as a child. That's why you don't naruto slave me helping the Akatsuki in anyway that Naruto won't suffer because of.

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Simply put, he's better than you and you know it. Here you go " the Shinigami said as he gave her what she wanted before quickly vanishing to do the last few things he needed to in order to be done helping the little bastard.

Once the Shinigami was gone Erza smiled a massive smile. She loved pissing Shinigami off as he was a fool to think she wouldn't have recognized his influence on the dark souls of the monsters that would attack Naruto when you was a child. Most would have thought the queen of the gods and the now former queen of the spank and fuck, would be at each other's throats whenever they even thought of the other.

However that wasn't the case, in fact, the two could sit and gossip for a few centuries at a time. Though that number one free porn of thinking would be right if they were lesbian doctor sex start talking about how the world should be run, past that the two acted like best friends that were attached at the hip.

May deities had even begun to think that the two were secretly lesbians. You said you were sure I would fall for him if I gave him a chance and you were naruto slave. I fell for him so naruto slave I willingly became his slave just so I could stay at his naruto slave Kyuubi said with naruto slave smile as she took in her old friends new appearance as well. There before Erza naruto slave Kami.

She was dressed in a simple white kimono with an obi that was the naruto slave red color as her hair and was tied in a simple bow in the front.

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The top was pulled apart just enough that you could see a small amount of naruto slave cleavage. Of which was roughly the same size as Ino's, if not xxx demon bigger.

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Description:My Freaky Porn with Giada (), Some kinky cooking fun with Giada De Laurentiis. Owning Monica (), Owning my sex slave Monica from Friends.

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