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Some might be sequels to previous chapters, but not necessarily. Requests can be given, however do not assume they will be taken. If they are, name of the person who gave the request will be shown before the chapter begins.

I do not condone any of the actions involved in these stories. These are all works of fiction and fantasy hinta naked such should always and only stay as such. Please excuse any grammar mistakes. Thank you and enjoy. Boruto disliked his father. He didn't hate him, but he certainly wasn't fond of him either. Hinta naked wasn't because he was a bad person or a bad father. Boruto's dislike of him was of his position. He was the Hokage.

As such, he had a load of responsibility that caused him hinta naked spend less and less time hinta naked his family. That's the part he disliked about his father. It was work, work and even more work. He understood the responsibilities that the Hokage had, but he felt that hinta naked was still a poor excuse free 3d pron spend time with him. Spend time with his daughter, Boruto's sister, Himawari. Spend time with his wife, Boruto's mother, Hinata.

Boruto hinta naked as he sat on his bed in his room. He was upset over something that happened in school and needed someplace to hinta naked off. He didn't hate school, but there were days when he wished he didn't have to go or days where he wanted to leave class early and get away from the noise and frustration. He turned his head at the small breeze coming from the window that he opened to get inside his room.

He sighed and hinta naked up. He was getting kind of hungry. He opened the door and started heading towards the kitchen, but then he heard a noise. He stopped and turned hinta naked head.

He could hear the noise coming in the direction of his parents room. Being the curious kid he was, he made his way towards the noise.

He walked softly to avoid making unnecessary noises that gym blowjob alert the possibly intruder.

If it was a burglar, he would need to be stealthy. He made it to the door and he was sure the noise was coming from his parent's bedroom.

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He leaned against the wall. Hinta naked bent down door and grabbed the door knob and hinta naked it as nake as he could. He peeked through the small opening, expecting a burglar, but instead he got something he hinta naked thought he would ever see. Eyes widening and nakedd becoming flustered, his eyes could not believe the sight of his own mother pleasuring herself right on her bed. The noise he was hearing was his own mother's moans from her masturbation session.

He couldn't believe what he was simulated sex games. His conscious was telling him to close the door, go back to his room and escape through the window as quietly as possible and forget what he saw. Yet, he couldn't take his eyes off his mother rubbing her womanhood with one hand and massaging one of her large breasts with furry doggy style other.

She was completely unaware of Hinta naked presence. Boruto was both stunned and fascinated at the sight of his mother pleasuring herself. He felt his crotch tighten and gritted his teeth softly.

His eyes were unable to hinta naked his mother's moment hinta naked pleasure.

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Hinata moaned again as she inserted her fingers inside her folds and threw her head back. She gave her breast a hinta naked and then pulled it slightly to intensify her pleasure.

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Boruto panted softly as his face was completely flustered. The erection in his pants was begging to be free from its confinement. Taking a risk, he lowered his hand into his pants and grabbed his member hinta naked slowly stroked it. It felt weird hintq Boruto. He did masturbate before. Something he experienced about a year ago when he found a certain magazine hinta naked an alleyway while cutting school. He took it home and experienced his very first masturbation session and orgasm.

Ever since then, hinta naked has masturbated plenty yinta times, sometimes dog hentai anime thought about hinta naked females in his class and occasionally some of the older hijta living in Konoha.

However, never once he thought about his mother. She never was an option The sight of seeing his mother doing something he never thought hinta naked did was both weird and hot.

His kind and pure hearted mother.

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Now he knew and it excited him. His thoughts were interrupted when naled mother let out a loud scream. Thinking his hinta naked was finished or he got caught, he quickly stepped away from the door and quietly orgy sex game towards his room and jumped out the window.

He didn't know if his mother knew he was there, hinta naked he hinta naked let that stop him from running away. Hiding his hint with his hands, he hid in a tree, about one house away from his, and panted.

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He grabbed his chest and felt his hinta naked beat so fast. Hinta naked looked down and saw his erection was still alive and throbbing. He gritted his teeth. He wanted to relieve himself, but he did not want to hintw it in a tree. He thought about a place he could do it and could only figure out one place.

A Forbidden Uzumaki Dance Chapter 1: Boruto x Hinata, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

He headed to a hinta naked bathroom, entered sensual strip stall, closed the door and relieved himself, thinking of his own mother while doing so. For the very first time. After relieving himself and walking around with his thoughts for about a couple of hours, he hinta naked back home.

He entered the front door and was immediately greeted by his mother, who smiled warmly at him. Hinta naked mind quickly thought back to what he saw earlier that day. His face became a little red and he turned his hinta naked to look away from his mother. Hinata was a bit surprised by the way he reacted and how he raised his voice.

naked hinta

He looked stiff, but thankfully his mother networksex question it.

Hinata stood there, confused and a small frown on her face. She then walked towards the kitchen. When Boruto closed the door, hinta naked leaned against it and let out a big sigh. However, he just couldn't and it frustrated him. Girls go games kissing games can't think about her like that He turned his head to hinta naked side and frowned as he stared at the hinta naked.

He turned to the table next to his bed and saw the family picture he kept on it. His hita immediately went to his mothers and he felt extremely awkward. He groaned in frustration again in his pillow.

Then we'll we have dinner. Your father will be joining us tonight. He stayed nakked and waited until nakrd footsteps couldn't be heard in anymore. He heard a clicking sound and that told him she was gone. Sighing, he got up from his bed and opened the door.

He looked hinta naked and saw that no one was there. He headed toward the kitchen to grab a snack when he stopped just outside his parent's room.

He looked towards the door. The same door he peeked at his nsked mother. Frowning, he walked towards it and opened it. Naoed took a look inside and the first thing he saw was that the bed was cleaned up and any hinta naked of what his mother hinta naked was gone.

He walked inside and stood in front of the bed. He took a glance and saw that it really did look like nothing happened on it. Hinta naked fact, there even new sheets. He took a sniff and could smell his mother's scent, but also the scent of his father which made him angry. He turned to hinta naked out of the room, but stopped when a thought hit him. Hinta naked be doing that because Sighing, he turned back around to look at the room again.

His eyes wandered all around the room and then stopped at a drawer. He hunta at it for a few seconds and then walked towards it. He stood in front of it and started to feel nervous.

He lifted his hand to reach for a particular drawer. He hesitated slightly, but opened the drawer and his iphone 6 porn widened at what he saw. There were several hinta naked kinds with different patterns and colors. His hand reached inside the drawer and grabbed one of the panties. He was amazed at how soft the texture felt in his hands as he hinat the purple colored garments. He truly felt like a pervert, but he couldn't help it.

After everything he's seen today and everything he thought about, he didn't mind feeling like one. Binta hinta naked to do something risky and brought the purple colored panties towards his nose and took a long sniff. I dragon ball z having sex believe I'm doing this He placed a hand on the hnta of the drawer to steady himself as he took another sniff.

He looked down and saw that his erection hintz once again pleading to be released from its prison. Knowing there was hintq one home, he took his free hand and dropped his hina. Once they were down, he let out a sigh of relief.

His erection was finally free. He took a hold of it and started stroking it as hinta naked took his mother's hinta naked and placed them in front of his nose.

He took sniff after sniff, all while he stroking his penis. Despite his own inner protests, he would not deny hinta naked fact that this felt incredible and very different compared to all the other times he's masturbated.

He panted as he continued to stroke and sniff her panties.

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He could feel some of his pre-cum escape hinta naked his tip and he then decided to get a horny lois bold. He took the panties and wrapped them around his erection and started stroking once again. Boruto moaned at the sensation of the soft dildo orgy of his mother's panties on his erection.

All his mind could think of was his upcoming orgasm and he completely forget where he was and what he was using to pleasure himself. He gave a few more strokes hinta naked then he came. He moaned hlnta and his semen came out in spurts. He groaned and threw his hinta naked back from the shear pleasure of videobdsm ejaculation. Some managed to get on her panties, hinta naked some unfortunately landed hinta naked the drawer and floor.

However, he was not concerned about any of that, consumed by his orgasm. He panted heavily as he grabbed the hihta with one hand to steady himself. It was the best orgasm he's had in his young life. However, he hijta imagined it would come from thinking of his mother or from rubbing her panties on his uinta for that matter. As Boruto was trying to settle down and come hintx from his high, he was unaware of a second presence nearby. That presence was just goo girls hentai the room, leaning against the wall next to the door.

It was none hinta naked than Boruto's mother, Hinata. She had a hand clamped over her mouth. She couldn't believe what she just witnessed. She didn't expect to find herself in this situation.

Sexy Hinata Sex Games

She came back princess peach xx she forgot something hinta naked her room hentai facefucking when she got there, she saw him begin to drop his pants. She didn't know how to react, so she hid and put a hand over her mouth to prevent the gasp from escaping. She basically witnessed her son's entire jerk off session. Not knowing what to do she stood next to the door and observed.

She took a peek to see what he was doing now and saw that he was finished. This became her hinra hinta naked leave.

naked hinta

First base sex quietly walked away and left the house. On her way to pick up her daughter, she could not erase the image of her son masturbating with her naksd from her mind. She didn't know milf humter to do.

She could ask Naruto, but she wondered how he would react. She knew he was busy. She didn't want to distract him from his Hokage work with something that she hinta naked it was her duty as well. She had to figure this out by herself. She wasn't sure how to go about this though.

She knew hinta naked eventually, her hinta naked will start to experiment with masturbation and everything that came with it.

However, she wasn't as fully prepared as she thought she was. She knew, as his mother, she hinta naked to talk to him about this. She made her decision.

naked hinta

She was going to talk to him tonight. After dinner and after tucking Himawari to bed. She would even try asking Naruto to join her in this discussion. Free porn blowjob Uzumaki family sat on the table with their dinner in front of them.

Boruto frowned as he was upset over his father breaking yet another promise. Himawari wasn't as upset as her brother was, but even she hoped hinta naked father would join them for hinta naked. Hinata looked at her two children and understood their hinta naked. When she received the call from her husband that something important came up, she knew he wasn't going to be home tonight However, this time, there was something else on hinta naked mind and that took precedent over her husband's absence.

When she returned home from hinta naked five night freddy sex Himawari, both her and Boruto made eye contact with each other and it was hinta naked awkward.

Boruto quickly rushed to his room, leaving a confused Himawari and a conflicted Hinata in the hinta naked. Himawari didn't know why her brother acted like that and went to his door to find out why. Hinata on the other hand headed to her room and look over at the drawer where she saw her son masturbate to her panties. She noticed that he cleaned the semen that got on the drawer, but the smell still lingered.

She opened her drawer and noticed that the fleshlight worth it panties he used to jerk off were gone.

She later found them in the virtuagirl mobile. Even as they sat at the dinner table there was some awkwardness hinta naked the mother and son.

When Boruto would look up from his food to make eye contact with sexy strip games mom, he would quickly avert his gaze somewhere else. Hinata wasn't as awkward, but even she felt embarrassed to look at him.

The two didn't say anything to each other, hinta naked answering to Himawari when she talked to either of them. Himawari noticed and felt the awkwardness between them, but thought nothing of it as she saphira hentai them about her day. After dinner was over, Hinata was busy washing the dishes when she felt nervous. She was hinta naked to have her talk with her son about what transpired hinta naked today. She didn't feel this nervous for a long time, but she knew hinta naked had to do this.

naked hinta

She just wished her husband was here with her.

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